"Safety Improves Quality"

Frontier is the company that will work to continuously to comply with OSHA Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR) Part Number 1926, “Safety and Health Regulations for Construction” and improve the safety and health performance to help achieve the greatest benefit for all employees. It is our policy to meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations concerning safety and health, as well as, to facilitate full and open discussion to address responsible standards and practices where laws and regulations do not exist.


Frontier Roofing LLC (hereinafter referred to as Frontier Roofing), requires all new employees complete a safety briefing prior to the start of employment. Field management is responsible for conducting risk assessments, identifying potential hazards, and correcting any safety concerns on a daily basis.


The company will provide the necessary equipment, tools, training, and supervision. Perform random job site safety inspections documenting results keeping a detailed safety history for each project and the competent person and roofers responsible for the implementation of our disciplinary and incentive policies, and supply technical assistance to aid in accomplishing our common goal - To prevent needless suffering resulting from injuries. It is everyone's responsibility to comply with safety rules, develop safe work habits and maintain a safe work environment.






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